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Sphere Legs High Jewelry Bracelet

$ 271, 500
Material 18K White Gold
Sphere Legs High Jewelry Bracelet, crafted of 18 karat white gold with white rhodium plating overlain with thousands of pavé-set white diamonds, is a glittering feat of fabrication ingenuity.
Handcrafted in Italy by an artisanal jeweler, what the eye perceives as a single web of spheres and spindles discreetly comprises eleven individual components. Together forming a circle, each piece is joined in four directions by a hidden internal mechanism engineered to preserve the visual integrity of the unbroken sweep of pavé stones while allowing the bracelet to sit smoothly on the wrist.
Each leg fastens to its mate behind a brilliant cut VVS diamond, further camouflaging the bespoke interlocking dual gimbal hinge. Still another brilliant cut diamond, cradled in the same custom-made sleek bezel setting, rests in each of the eleven pieces, giving the bracelet a total weight in diamonds of more than 41.23 carats.

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